When you meet with our licensed staff, they will go over your options, discuss services, the merchandise needed for those services, and costs. We will also need to gather information about your loved one. Below is a list of information you will be asked to provide to complete the death certificate, obituary, and other forms.

•Full Legal Name
•Marital Status
•Legal Address
•Date and Place of Birth
​•Date and Place of Death
•Social Security Number (and that of the spouse, if one is living)
•Parents Names (including mother’s maiden name)
•Name and Address of Next-Of-Kin
•Occupation and Place of Employment
•Highest Educational Level Completed
•List of Family Members
•List of the deceased’s recent physicians may be helpful

In most cases, a copy of the marriage certificate, birth certificate, and Power of Attorney is not necessary. However, if the deceased is a Veteran, a copy of the discharge papers (marked as DD214) will be needed to file for a burial flag and other benefits. If you already own cemetery property, please bring the original deed with you as well, as it may be required to make cemetery arrangements.

If you have immediate access to the deceased’s clothing, you can bring it to the arrangements. If you don’t have access or time to gather it, please don’t worry. Your director will set a time for you to bring it later.

You will need to bring full clothing, including socks and undergarments. Shoes are optional, although they will not be seen. Clothing that is not sheer, has a high neckline and longer sleeves is preferred. If you choose to bring jewelry, it can either be removed prior to the burial/cremation or stay with your loved one.